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Innovative companies using the

On-Demand Customer Service model

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August 4, 2016

4:00 PM PT

Artificial intelligence and on-demand platforms are the emerging rock star technologies in customer service. But which one will deliver on its promise first?


Don't take our word for it.

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For senior customer service executives looking for a hype-free debate on the merits of two transformative trends in customer service, this is an event for you. At this livecast , hear from colleagues and technology executives deploying these technologies and join in the debate about which one will deliver first. 

At this event, you'll get answers to questions like:

  • Are AI and on-demand platforms making a real impact today? Where’s the proof?
  • How and where are companies using these technologies, and what have they learned about the challenges and potential? 
  • What are the pros and cons of AI bots vs. on-demand customer service as a cost-effective first touch for customers today? 

We want you to participate in this live event! Bring your toughest questions for the panel, they'll have answers. 


Expert Panel

Join our expert panel in a debate about artificial intelligence and on-demand customer service, featuring futurist Sean Rivers, Director of Operations Technology at Republic Wireless and Andy Yastuke, Senior Director of Gobal Technology Solutions at LinkedIn.


Artificial Intelligence
On-Demand Customer Service



Meet The Panel

Hear from your colleagues that have deployed these technologies

Andy is responsible for defining strategy and innovation for LinkedIn's customer care team that supports over 400+ million users.


Andy Yasutake
Senior Director of Global Tech Solutions

Sean's methods allow a relatively small amount of agents support a very large customer base, while maintaining some of the best CSAT levels in the industry.

Sean Rivers
Director of Operations Technology
Republic Wireless

Antony is co-founder and CEO of Directly. He's worked with call centers as small as 20 agents and as large as 20,000 agents.


Antony Brydon
CEO & Co-founder

Jeff is a technology executive with extensive experience in bringing new software products to market. Jeff holds more than 30 patents, an engineering degree from Cornell and an MBA from the Wharton School.

Jeff Erhardt
CEO & Director